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(Photo By Like A Legend)

“Wants Me Bad” (listen/download)

Like A Legend is an one of kind individual holding it down here in the 414. His roots are in guitar playing and more Rock / Pop style music. However over the past couple of years, Hip-Hop has become a staple in his musical life as well. So he recently decided to try and throw it all together.  His ultimate goal is to put together a band that can help him create music based on all of the many genres that inspire him. He plans on using his experience in Music Theory to sharpen his own skills to help aid with the process. While he is working on the band, he is testing the waters on the solo tip. He acknowledges the fact that he is not a typical Hip-Hop artist by any means and doesn’t desire to be. He just wants people to enjoy his music and recognize him as genuine as opposed to writing him off as a gimmick.