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Like A Legend – “Worth It”

by Miracle

singlecover(Photo By Like A Legend)

“Worth It” (listen/download)

414 artist Like A Legend is steadily chipping away at his upcoming demo. He sent over a new record and then he only has one left to conquer. The new track is labeled “Worth It” and Legend aimed for it to be slightly more rap oriented than his previous singles. The production here is snazzy. The glossy base, funky musical elements, high energy, and feel good vibe are like a breath of fresh air. The hook is something special too. The vocals are steadfast and the lyrics have a valuable message to them. The verses are moderate. Like A Legend presents a quirky flow, charming wordplay, and pointed rhymes. He uses the scenario of working up the nerve to talk to a female he finds attractive to emphasize the idea that if one want’s something in life, they should go after it without any reservations. He informs: “And the advice I’m trying to give is this, you don’t get the benefits of life without a little risk. (…) And all those years thinking it could never happen, is how I spent life doing s–t jobs instead of rapping. So try and get it if you really want it. You might lose but your doubt is your real opponent. Cause I’d rather be a failure with a story to tell. Then to waste my life away and be boring as hell. Hey, this about more than bonking a girl. It’s about getting what you really f–king want from the world.” Those bars hold a prodigious bit of wisdom in them. Overall, this is a winning effort.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite song by Like A Legend so far. It has a nice progression to it, his contribution deserves two thumbs up, and the production is flawless as per usual. The message in the track is something that we all need to hear from time to time and it was delivered in a creative light-hearted way. Which will definitely make listeners more receptive to it. If readers haven’t checked out the innovative musician yet, this is the song to start with. Major kudos to Legend on this one! -MinM

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