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Like A Legend – “Nowhere Fast”

by Miracle

singlecover(Photo By Like A Legend)

“Nowhere Fast” (preview)

Last year, multi-talented artist Like A Legend was presented to the site. He is a man on a mission to take the genres of Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop and blend them into one big happy sound. His first single accomplished that quite nicely and now he is back with a second offering. The new song is called “Nowhere Fast.” The production here is effortless. The smooth foundation, soulful instruments, middling rhythm, and trendy vibe result in a pleasing blend. The hook is a real treat too. The vocals have a gratifying tone to them and the lyrics are simple yet memorable. The verses are adequate. Like A Legend exhibits a collected flow with witty wordplay and relatable rhymes. He takes the listener through the all too common place situation of remaining in a relationship long after it has ran it’s course. Some noteworthy lines include: “And I still love you. I can’t leave ya. I can’t live without you or with you neither. It’s just we’re going nowhere fast. We’re going nowhere fast. I’m too selfish. You’re too stubborn. There’s too much distance between us lovers. It’s just we’re going nowhere fast. We’re going nowhere fast.” Those lines summarize the overall sentiments of the struggling romantic situation perfectly. In the end, this song is a hit and one that a lot of listeners will be able to empathize with.

**My Two Cents: I am really digging the track. The topic was discussed in a colorful/entertaining manner. And the production was amazing. Also, I feel Like A Legend has shown some improvements from his last song. Which is always a positive thing. Anyone looking for an unique tune to indulge in should definitely give this single an ear. -MinM

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