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gaVen heVy – “Bosom”

by Miracle

gaVen heVy - Bosom(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Bosom” (preview)

 gaVen heVy (INeverRapped2BCool) came to the site back in April. Readers were not only made aware of a new artist but they also got to learn about the movement that the Brooklyn emcee is involved in. A few weeks ago, gaVen unveiled a record that will appear on his debut EP, Dedicated To Her. The song is entitled “Bosom.” The production here is clean. It is made up of: a solid core, groovy secondary elements, a mid-tempo pace, and an impartial vibe. The hook is fresh too. The delivery is rhythmical and the lyrics are down to earth. The verses are favorable. gaVen brings his token flow, raw wordplay, and sincere rhymes. He speaks his piece as it pertains to how he operates in comparison to other people/artists. A handful of lines worth observing are: “But I ain’t comfortable. Cause it’s the same ones that be hugging you, the same ones that’s gone come for you. Ironic but prepared for the worst. Hoping for the best. Right fist to the chest. Pushing til nothing’s left. The best gone emerge through critiquing, staying true, and live the words that you speak.” Dope bars with an important life lesson and some words of wisdom behind them. All in all, this was another successful offering by gaVen.

**My Two Cents: This was a really cool track. It was simple and brief but there was a lot to be taken away from the content. Also, the production was on the money too. I am looking forward to hearing Dedicated To Her even more now. Once again, love to Mz. Boom Bap for keeping The Illixer in the loop. Make sure you check her and gaVen out further by visiting those provided links. -MinM

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