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Amerikas Addiction – “Darkest Days” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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“Darkest Days” (listen/download)

Lately Milwaukee duo Amerikas Addiction has been pushing a fresh single & video entitled “Darkest Days.” The song is produced by Loco Los and it incorporates a sample from Rock group Killswitch Engage and their single “The Fire Burns.” Los did a great job on the boards. The production is of blue ribbon quality. The sunken foundation, desolate musical components, and grim vibe result in a chilling yet luring mixture. The hook is a combination of the earlier mentioned sample and a set of underlying vocals. It turned out well. The sample was perfectly utilized and the vocals match up nicely. The verses are of grade A quality. The flow is set to an anguished tone, the wordplay is truthful, and the rhymes are intense yet enlightening. The listener is exposed to the grievances that the duo endure as a result of being a part of the music industry. A couple of noteworthy lines are: “But I’m on. So I’m rolling through the city. Ain’t nobody with me. Listening to 50. Drowning in my pity. Phone steady ringing but I swear I won’t answer. This negativity is like a cancer. But I’m still living for the moment. Everyday I’m on it. I’m trying to stay faithful. I got a good woman. But this life I’m living, is full of f–king demons. That’s why I stay focused every season. It feels like I’m dreaming.” Heavy thoughts being shared right there by Ebonix. All in all, this was a powerful effort.

No hit track is complete without a video to bring it to life. So Amerikas Addiction teamed up with Ole P (Strictly Bizz Productions) and created a visual. The concept of the flick is pretty evident as it is a direct reflection of the theme of the record. It is shot in dimly lit settings and features stark imagery/motifs such as candles, a gun, isolation, etc. Ebonix gives a very strong and passionate performance amidst the foreboding elements, which really helps to amplify the project. One of the more standout scenes of the piece shows Ebonix alone in a shadowy room surrounded by candles, appearing to be deep in his own zone, oblivious to the camera being present. It is just a very gripping sight. The video ends in a black & white tint as Ebonix is shown walking off into the night. As a whole, it is a very compelling portrayal of the single. #DOWHATYOUDESIRE

**My Two Cents: I loved this song and video. It is my favorite offering by Amerikas Addiction to date. It was a bit outside of their usual subject matter and tone, which is what makes it so awesome. The duo took a chance, did something totally different, and nailed it. It came off kind of surprising too as both members are usually so positive and upbeat. But everyone has a more vulnerable side that they need to let out on occasion. I think readers should give this one a chance for sure. If they like it, they should download the song and share the video. The fellas genuinely appreciate all of the support that they receive. -MinM

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