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Tiki Da Poet – “Doubters/Haters” (Poem)

by Miracle

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There is nothing worse than having dreams and ambitions while being surrounded by negative individuals trying to bring one down. But sadly everyone has found themselves in this situation a time or two before. Tiki Da Poet is no exception and she decided to share a piece with the site about that very thing. Find out what she has to say about the matter and how she rises above it after the jump.


(Poem By Tiki Da Poet)

Doubters doubting what I’m capable of doing. This only makes me that much more determined to accomplish my goals. To prove everybody wrong for once in my life. I will be successful n everything I do. Take on every challenge. I will defeat the obstacles that try to get in my way or stop me. Poetry is what I do. I love to read poetry … to write poetry … speak poetry. So for the doubters that doubt me … ur doubtfulness is my motivation to succeed with my poetry …

Haters … I love my haters. They also give me motivation … determination … drive … they wanna stop my grind … They say I have no talent … that my Poetry isn’t real … but I know better. I am a talented individual … My Poetry is as real as real can get. straight from the depths of my heart & soul. spirit-filled words flow nonstop. unbreakable … unshakable … In the words of WIP …”I am what I say I am”… And I say I am a Poet.

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This poem is structured a little differently than Tiki’s previous works. But the change is fitting and the piece still flows nicely. There is no complex or ornate wording here either. Instead the content is kept straightforward and heartfelt. The element that causes the poem to flourish is the voice behind it. The reader can feel Tiki’s emotions and passion in her writing. The non-belief of those around her in her career in expression has obviously caused some pain. But her love of the art form & her personal confidence have kept her strong and pushing forward. These sentiments are sprinkled throughout the two stanzas with each one ending on an affirmative note. All in all, this was an inspirational effort.

**My Two Cents: This was an awesome read. I love the fact that Tiki refuses to let anyone take her bond with poetry away from her. It is not always easy to function in a world where people are so quick to be super critical of what you do. But it is important to stand your ground and Tiki is doing just that. And I’m glad she is because it would have been a shame to have never known her or her art. Keep writing Tiki, The Illixer is behind you 100%! -MinM

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