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Locodunit & $hamrock – “Zip Code” (Video)

by Miracle

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Another runaway hit off of rapper/writer $hamrock‘s latest mixtape #GreenTeam is the song, “Zip Code.” It features rapper Locodunit and was one of the tracks spotlighted in the site’s review of the tape which can be read here. The single has street appeal, a catchy hook, and lines worth quoting for days. So it’s popularity is no real shocker. The fellas must have known it would be a hit too as they put together a flick for the record. Watch it below.

The video opens with $hamrock hitting up Locodunit on his cell. The call ends up going to voice-mail, prompting $ham to leave a message. From there, the song kicks in and the visuals get under way. The plot for the video is more or less just Loco and $ham showing off how they get down in their respective areas of the map. Things start off in Black Haven (Memphis), TN or zip code area 38116. Loco posts up for the day at what appears to be an abandoned apartment building. He returns $ham’s call and then basically just spends the remainder of the time going in on his verse. He brings a lot of personality to his performance. Once Loco is done, the location transitions over to Orlando, FL or zip code area 32811. $ham picks up a duffle bag and then posts up outside by a set of stairs. He too aces his performance with his signature laid-back demeanor. Special effects in the video include: split screen action, quirky transitions, assorted manipulations of motion, and more. The flick fades out with a promo shot of Loco’s mixtape cover for his project, Loco Done It. In the end, this was an accomplished venture.

**My Two Cents: This video was on point from start to finish. It fit the tone of the song perfectly. Also, Loco & $ham did their thing. Additionally, it was packaged with some great optical tricks. It is a must watch for sure. Check out and follow both artists on Twitter via the above links. If you are still sleeping on #GreenTeam, wake up and head over to Dirty Glove Bastard to preview and/or download the tape. -MinM

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