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$hamrock & Locodunit – “3Sum”

by Miracle

MAFIA $$ COVER(Photo By $hamrock)

“3Sum” (listen/download)

$hamrock and his partner Locodunit made some serious noise when they dropped their hit collaboration, “Zip Code.” They followed it up with an equally popular video and the song remains one of his more favored joint efforts to date. So it was an exciting bit of news when $ham & Loco unveiled the fact that they had an entire collaboration project on the way called Mafia $$. The mixtape is slated to hit the net on August 8th. About a week ago, the duo leaked the first single off of the pending tape. It’s been dubbed “3Sum” and it was produced by Gtown Vega (DJ PaulPerson Of Interest LP). Vega did his thing as the production is heat. It is made up of a low-set bass, fetching rhythm, fierce components, and a slick street vibe. The hook slays too. Loco brings a one of a kind delivery. The lyrics are clever and memorable. The verses are tough. Loco lights up the mic first and $ham wrecks shop next. The duo each come with original well-defined flows, canny wordplay, and top rate rhymes. Both artists bring fresh perspectives to the meaning of their newly coined phrase “3Sum.” A couple of lines worth highlighting from $hamrock are: “She said I love my car more than I love her. I said I love y’all both the same. No one above ya. But if you really wanna see something, give me head when I’m driving. Call it a threesome. (…) I love to f–k but I need money. All my G’s stay three hundred. So when she ask where the cheese at, she a out cast (Outkast) like three stacks (Andre 3000). Can’t let no b–ch or buster try to play me. I swear I hit my first lick back at age three.” $ham’s forward nature and smart way with words makes those bars pop. Overall, this is another ace in the hole for the Southern spitters.

**My Two Cents: Always happy to receive new music from $hamrock and this track is a great example of why. It’s a hit in every aspect. He and Locodunit make for a strong team. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing Mafia $$ when it’s released next month. They say it’s hot enough to be an album and I have no doubts that it’s just that good. After jamming to the track, make sure to check out those links to see what else the fellas have going on. -MinM

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