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Taylor Mallory – “Body Party Remix” (Song & Video)

Body Party Cover Photo BIG2 copy(Photo By Level Next Music)

“Body Party Remix” (listen/download)

Taylor Mallory (Level Next Music) has been on a roll lately with his special soulful remixes of current mainstream hits. His latest effort finds him taking the sultry hit “Body Party” by Atlanta R&B singer Ciara and turning it into a duet/remix of sorts. He intertwines his personal words and melodies with the original record, creating the feel of a sexy back & forth exchange between he and Miss Ci Ci. It was a great approach to the remake. Taylor’s polished vocals and mature aura fit right in with the track. The rendition ends by transitioning to a clip of Taylor’s new original single, “Lift N Bend.” Overall, this was very becoming remix.

Taylor didn’t just settle for recording his own take on “Body Party.” He decided to drop visuals to accompany the single as well. The visuals are non-complex in nature but still of a very premium standard. The plot for the piece entails Taylor vibing out while interacting with a projection of Ciara which so happens to be glimpses of the diva from her own “Body Party” video. In addition to the shots of Ci Ci, there are also some ambiguous colorful graphics and word imagery on display. There is a low lighting present too which definitely helps to emphasize the mood. The video wraps with another preview of Taylor’s fresh single “Lift N Bend.” All in all, this was a luring watch.

**My Two Cents: I am actually a fan of Ciara’s version of “Body Party;” so I was excited to hear this remix. Taylor lived up to my expectations for sure. He took an inventive approach to the recording and the video was fly. If readers enjoyed this rendition, they need to be sure to stay tuned to the site. Level Next Music sent over the earlier mentioned single “Lift N Bend” off of Taylor’s pending EP, Taylor Made, and it’s a must listen. Interact with Taylor Mallory by hitting him up on Facebook and Twitter. -MinM

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