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Cold Vision – Cantaloupe & Rum (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Cantaloupe & Rum by Cold Vision (Cold Medina & Original Vision) of Higher Education Records has been making the rounds on the web for a little while now. There are a total of twelve tracks in the collective and it boasts guest appearances by artists such as: Sean Smart, Jermaine Event, Airo, and more. The Illixer gave it a spin and came up with three tracks that stood out just a little bit above the rest. Discover which tracks those were as well as get a brief overview of the whole project after the break.


An interesting tidbit about this song is the fact that the term porqueria translates to dirt/filth in English. So that’s a pretty striking choice for the title. The production here is a winner. The smooth foundation, subdued musical ingredients, measured pace, and neutral vibe fuse together pleasingly. The hook is good. The delivery is charismatic and the lyrics are fitting. The verses are of a grade A quality. Cold Medina enlists a cool consistent flow, slick wordplay, and polished rhymes. He gives the listener a gritty glimpse of his persona. A handful of lines worth noting are: “Well it’s the displaced, mixed race, take a piss on mixtapes. Kick ya in ya face just to let you know my distaste. Misplaced identity. A seed without a legacy. Family tree is Evergreen. Engaging with that energy. Remedies of Hennessy help me compose the hopeless. And yeah I’m off that loud. But I’ve never been outspoken. Open like a lotus. So she barely holds my focus. All I notice is the roaches. Soak up knowledge through Osmosis.” Those are some enriched bars right there. Overall, this selection is a smash and the site favorite.


The production here is unique. The hushed base, ghostlike background vocals, discreet components, lingering tempo, and obscure vibe result in a fine mix. There is no traditional style hook on this cut. There is mention of the record’s title here and there as well as a lot of regal references. The incessant verse is intriguing. Cold Medina exhibits a likable flow, inventive wordplay, and estimable rhymes. He generates some vivid abstract imagery with his words. Peep it as he spits: “See the sun and give a prayer of thanks. Say my piece. Take my moment. Then it’s back to collecting my bank. I mix the juice with the drank. I try to quit but I can’t. (…) the only way for me escaping my angst. I ain’t a saint. I never claimed to be or prayed to one. So vices still entice us. Let ’em guide us til’ the days are done.” One has to value the off beat yet prime nature of those bars. All in all, this is a sufficient offering.

“Sol Music”

This is the very last song on the project. The production here is enjoyable. The lightweight bass, soulful secondary elements, median gait, and impartial vibe make for a favorable blend. The hook is kosher. The delivery is luring and the lyrics are well-bred. The verses are just. Cold Medina serves up an easy going flow, genuine wordplay, and satisfying rhymes. He sorts through a variety of personal sentiments in a pensive fashion. A highlight from his reflecting includes: “Face shattered like a hammer running through some stained glass. Shards cut the wrists. How long will the pain last? Rain splash on the ground. The sound of the sound in the town where the kings never had to wear a crown. (…) Lift my people up. Forever hold my people down. See everybody’s a poet. And everybody’s a rapper. Everyone has got a story and image they wish to capture.” Those are some gripping bars right there. In the end, this was an absolute way to close out the album.

**My Two Cents: Cantaloupe & Rum is a stand up collaboration effort. Cold Medina provided a worthwhile assortment of rhymes and Original Vision came with an equally impressive stockpile of beats. The three individually reviewed tracks in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. The album as a whole is a real gem and a stellar addition to the constantly growing musical repertoire of Higher Education Records. Readers should definitely give it a listen. -MinM

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