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Ang P – “Sex Sells” [Part II]

by Miracle

Sex Sells Pt 2 Artwork(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Sex Sells” [Part II] (listen/download)

Ang P comes to the site from Olympia, WA. He is part of the Real Life Click imprint ran by his brother Miz. He is well traveled and has a family full of musical influences to learn from. Though he does have appreciation for some mainstream talents as well such as: Eminem, Big Pun, Sade, and Sting just to name a few. He has clocked in eight plus years in the game thus far resulting in: four solo projects, three group efforts, and features on dozens of mixtapes.

At the moment he is circulating a track entitled “Sex Sells” [Part II]. It was produced by fellow Real Life Click member Know Life. The production turned out great. The steady bass, eclectic secondary components, groovy rhythm, and easy listening vibe make for a likeable combination. The hook is official. The delivery is spotless and the lyrics are attractive. The verses are substantiated. Ang P divulges a magnetic flow, sincere wordplay, and pragmatic rhymes. He tells the story of a woman providing for her family the best way she knows how … with sex. It’s a disturbing tale with an unhappy ending. But sadly enough a reality that does indeed exist in today’s society. Peep a snippet from the troublesome situation: “Only rolling with n—as with cash to blow. Like hell nah she ain’t giving that a** for low. Cause hell nah God ain’t give her that a** for show. She a mother of three. Got to survive, don’t she? How many people live off lunch meat in this damn country? No rulebooks to the game of life. And it’s a cruel look but everything is right when you gotta live. You gotta make ends meet when you single and you bringing up fatherless kids. And so it’s s–t or get off of the pot. If you ain’t bout yo biz then get off of the block.” Those are some thorough true to life bars right there. Overall, this is a dynamic record.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a fly track. The production is of a high caliber and the content has a valid purpose behind it. I also dig Ang P and what he has to offer as an artist. This was my first time being exposed to his music. He made a good impression. I look forward to receiving future submissions from the Washington native. Be sure to visit those links in the post for more with Ang P and the rest of the Real Life Click team. -MinM

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