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Petti Hendrix – The Xperience (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Petti Hendrix is a member of Milwaukee’s Dope Beats Fam Gang (Trunk Bussa) organization. He is notorious for ripping up stages throughout the city and within recent months has been able to take his raw gritty lyrics and high energy on the road to places like the ATL. He also dropped his debut EP, The Xperience not too long ago. He sent over two tracks that appear on the album as well as a bonus item to give The Illixer a taste of what he brings to the table. Find out how the selections went over with the site after the break.

“1 Nite”

The production here is eccentric. The quirky infrastructure, atmospheric components, mid-tempo pace, and club style vibe fuse together tactfully. The hook is catchy. The delivery has a likeable melody to it and the lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are solid. Petti Hendrix exhibits an one of a kind flow, fitting wordplay, and commendable rhymes. He does a decent job of taking the listener through an exclusive night of partying. A few lines worth mentioning are: “This party popping. We sweating, woo! All these bad hoes in my section, woo! Too drunk watching where I’m stepping. I’m on my level. Purple ring, purple heel, hit this tell me how the purple feel. We gone party ’til the moon come. And we ain’t gone stop ’til the sun here mothaf–ka.” Those bars definitely demonstrate that Petti knows how to live it up. Overall, this song is worthy of a spin or two.

“It’s Raining”

The production here is top of the line. The heavy foundation, intense musical elements, fetching rhythm, and unconventional vibe make for a successful combination. The hook is attention grabbing. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are interesting. The verses are candid. Petti Hendrix presents his token flow, inventive wordplay, and legitimate rhymes. He conveys the message loud and clear that he’s not looking to settle down with any particular lady any time soon. A handful of noteworthy lines include: “I see women falling from heaven. God couldn’t do any better. Let them fall right up into my arms. Kiss me girl. Yeah I do no harm. What happened on that one night, only supposed to been for that one night. That liquor gave you that feeling right. I know it’s wrong. But it’s feeling right. See the lust up in yo eye.” Those are some pretty expressive bars right there. All in all, this selection is a smash as well as a site favorite.

“My Father”

The production here is adequate. The loaded base, full background ingredients, median gait, and somber vibe result in a tasteful blend. The hook is meaningful. The delivery is full of emotion and the lyrics are stirring. The verses are satisfactory. Petti Hendrix doles out a passionate flow, personal wordplay, and heartfelt rhymes. He gives a touching tribute to his father who sadly is no longer with us. He laments: “Why you have to leave? Why you have to go? God why you take my daddy from me? Why you have to leave? Why you have to go? God why you take my father from me? I’m having nightmares. So sweet and so bitter. I’m having nightmares. That day I’ll remember forever and forever.” Those are some chilling words right there. The listener can truly feel that Petti’s love for his father runs deep and that he will forever be missed. In the end, this was an honorable tribute.

**My Two Cents: I think Petti made a viable decision in the songs he chose to highlight from his project. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought his sound would be more Hardcore/Gangsta Rap. However, he fuses a Rock like element into his music that places him in a league all his own. That is pretty slick. His harsh raspy flow allows him to standout even further. So I can certainly see why he’s been getting so much attention as of late. I previewed the rest of the tracks on The Xperience as well and they were pretty gratifying. I think readers should go ahead and check it out if they haven’t already. Congrats to Petti on all his recent accomplishments. -MinM

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