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Various Artists – #IAMDJDEEZY (Album Review)

by Miracle


The fellas of Strange Tang along with a few of their affiliates made good on their promise and released the highly sought after #IAMDJDEEZY project a little while back. The project is being described as a compilation album with some of the best and brightest artists that the state of Florida has to offer. Additionally, it is being praised for it’s wide assortment of subject matter. Which is great to hear as 24 songs about the same topic would get old very quickly (lol). The Illixer picked a handful of tunes out of the pack to highlight for readers. Continue reading to discover which selections made the cut as well as to get some general thoughts about the hearty LP.

“Coming Up”

Production: The production here is solid. It consists of a slight infrastructure with complimentary supporting details and a tempo that has a hint of a groove to it. Not bad at all.

Hook: The hook is decent. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are easy to relate to. Especially for those who know the struggle all too well.

Content: The verses are of a legitimate quality. Obliq and Chase Carter shed some light on what it’s like to start from the bottom and grind your way to the top. As well as the hunger that it takes to maintain that advancement. The fellas come with two very distinctive styles and candid lyrics that pertain to their own leveling up experiences. All in all, this is a favorable offering.

“Back 2 Back”

Production: The production here is likable. The deep bass, sleek background elements, plodding tempo, and old school vibe fit really well together.

Hook: The hook is winning. The vocals are striking and the lyrics are uplifting. The only downside is that Chase Carter’s wonderful contribution isn’t utilized a little bit more.

Content: The verses are satisfactory. The fellas come with signature flows, quick wordplay, and savvy rhymes. They pen a great hood style pride anthem and even show love to some of Hip-Hop’s most legendary crews from back in the day. Gotta respect those who pay homage. Overall, this is an ideal record to just throw on and zone out to.

“If I Pray”

Production: The production here is on point. The various sunken style components and businesslike vibe fuse together effectively.

Hook: The hook is adequate. The delivery is unique and the lyrics are engaging.

Content: The verses are reputable. The guys utilize personality driven flows, sharp wordplay, and polished rhymes. They colorfully reflect on the concept of prayer as it pertains to their individual lifestyles. A prime example of such would be: “I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven. When a n—a woke up went out and bought a necklace. I mean at least I put Jesus on the charm for all the nights He kept them handcuffs off my arm. For all the cold nights that the nina kept me warm. (…) I know it sound wrong but what the hell you expect?” Those are some gripping opening bars right there. As a whole, this is a rewind worthy selection.

“For The Night”

Production: The production here is gratifying. The subdued nature of the musical ingredients that make up the instrumental sits nicely within the listener’s ears.

Hook: The hook is entertaining. The delivery is melodic as well as full of Southern charm and the lyrics are direct.

Content: The verses are trendy. Thaddaeus Royale and Lady Vahn offer up suave executions as they transparently exchange words regarding their hook up of sorts. They wrap their situation in such a grown & sexy  package that the listener won’t be able to resist getting caught up in the moment with them. In the end, this is a dope effort and a site favorite as well.


Production: The production here is kosher. The clean foundation, snazzy bells & whistles, and upbeat rhythm are a real auditory treat. Has a slightly old school funk feel to it. Good stuff.

Hook: The hook is fair. The vocals are fitting and the lyrics are non-complex. The lyrics could’ve been taken up a notch though. There is a theme at play that shows preference to Destin over other cities in the state of Florida. That could’ve been elaborated on and made the hook more fulfilling.

Content: The verses are suitable. Price and Mechee pour out love for their hometown via easy going flows and endearing rhymes. They paint it as a paradise full of beautiful people and great times. To the extent that the listener will want to hop a flight and go check out Destin for themselves. All in all, this serves as an honorable city tribute.


Production: The production here is becoming. The mellow framework and rich musical pieces create a stirring sound that makes for comfortable listening.

Hook: The hook is proper. The delivery is marked and the lyrics are profound. They summarize the plight for men of color in today’s society perfectly.

Content: The verses are compelling. The vivid details of the struggles that Black males go through told directly from the source is impactful. Additionally, their underlying sense of hope despite the fact that the odds are stacked so highly against them is touching. The gentlemen evoke humble flows and vulnerable rhymes to carry out their substantial passages. A sampling of such includes: “Your mind telling you to give up. But your heart says you mustn’t. Cause you got blood of a canine. And the heart of a lion. But you done fell so many times that you tired of trying. Life beating you up good. Got you feeling you should die. But if the good die young than why am I still alive?” One can not deny the raw emotions of those bars right there. Overall, this one is a heart-string tugger for sure as well as another site favorite.

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**My Two Cents: #IAMDJDEEZY is a collective full of some really well done tunes. And the LP truly does have a wonderful array of subjects and styles for all musical palates. And for that I applaud Strange Tang, DJ Deezy, and all of the other artists involved with the project. However, for future reference I would dial back the number of tracks a bit. This could’ve easily been split into two volumes with separate releases and dope campaigns behind both. That way the listener gets more of a chance to pace themselves and appreciate the tracks without feeling overwhelmed. But that’s not to take anything away from the album. Readers should certainly hit the link at the start of the post or visit their favorite streaming service and give #IAMDJDEEZY a whirl in their spare time. -MinM

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