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The fellas of Strange Tang along with a few of their affiliates made good on their promise and released the highly sought after #IAMDJDEEZY project a little while back. The project is being described as a compilation album with some of the best and brightest artists that the state of Florida has to offer. Additionally, it is being praised for it’s wide assortment of subject matter. Which is great to hear as 24 songs about the same topic would get old very quickly (lol). The Illixer picked a handful of tunes out of the pack to highlight for readers. Continue reading to discover which selections made the cut as well as to get some general thoughts about the hearty LP.

“Edge Life” (purchase)

 #IAMDJDEEZY is the latest upcoming album from the fellas of Strange Tang. They’ve got their supporters on high alert for the project’s release. To further add to the excitement, they leaked the LP’s first track/video just a few short days ago. It’s called “Edge Life” and it’s a collaborative undertaking between artists: Chase Carter, Obliq, and Mechee.