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Tr3y – “Be Myself”

by Miracle

414 artist Tr3y has been working hard over the past year or so to get the masses on board with his transition into the Gospel Trap music realm that he’s created. As with anything new, there are people who love it and others who aren’t too fond of it. Particularly those in the church community who prefer their Gospel a bit more on the traditional side. But Tr3y isn’t giving up. He recently released a new song pertaining to his musical struggles entitled “Be Myself.” The single is produced by Traxx Sanders and Bliss.

The production here is enchanting. The low-lyimg foundation, creeping background elements, measured tempo, and lax vibe make for a very attractive merger. The hook is golden. The vocals are emotive and the lyrics are sincere. The verses are concrete. Tr3y steps up to the plate with elegant harmonies and deeply personal wording. He stirringly conveys his inner turmoil with lines such as: “They say I’m wilding out. They say I’m tripping. The church say I’m losing myself. It’s making me distant. They want me in shiny shoes but I prefer sneakers. They want me in dress suits. It ain’t even Easter. And it’s too much. I feel so judged.” Those lines right there provide a very substantial opening to the track. As a whole, this is an edifying selection.

**My Two Cents: “Be Myself” is an awesome tune. Tr3y hits on a major key as to why a lot of people in today’s world shy away from the church. Nobody likes to feel criticized all of the time. Especially in an environment where they are supposed to feel safe as well as be surrounded by love, support, etc. Plus, when it comes from people who aren’t so perfect themselves, one is just bound to feel some kind of way. I applaud Tr3y for trying to bring a fresh modernized light to the Gospel genre. And I am glad that he isn’t letting the negativity stop him. Looking forward to hearing what else he has in store. Readers need to set aside a few minutes to check out “Be Myself” as soon as they can. It is not a song that you want to miss. -MinM

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