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Rizenhower The Great Poupon – The Riz Intro (Song & Video)

by Miracle

(Art By DeChazier Stokes-Johnson)

Rizenhower The Great Poupon is a multi-faceted artist holding it down for the good old 414 (Milwaukee). He raps, sings, and is known to be pretty beasty when it comes to messing around on the instrument front as well. Especially the drums, the trumpet, the bass, and the keyboard. He doesn’t confine himself to one genre and has been known to dabble in everything from Polka to Hardcore Rap.

Currently, he is preparing to drop a brand new EP on his supporters. The project is entitled The RIZ EP and it’s slated to consist of four very plentiful tracks. It will cover multiple styles of music and feature guest appearances from some very well known Milwaukee talents. To give the world a preview of what’s to come, Riz and his camp are pushing the lead single/video from the upcoming offering.

The song is coined “The Riz Intro” and it is produced by DSCRIBE. The short & sweet tune is set to an instrumental that will have the listener nodding their head for sure. The dense foundation, peppy background accents, centered tempo, and quirky vibe create an energy that is hard to ignore. The hook is pleasing with a tidy delivery and charming lyrics. The lone verse is brief yet efficient. Riz takes on a colorful flow with witty wordplay and lighthearted rhymes. He provides an effective sampling of what the pending EP has in store. As a whole, this is a valid intro. The video is shot by Famous MF. It basically features an up close & personal moment that shows Riz jamming out surrounded by some tools of his trade so to speak. It’s straight to the point, finely edited, and a perfect compliment to the track. Cool little flick and it’s barely over a minute in length. So why not take a second to check it out?

**My Two Cents: I was put on to Riz via a networking conversation with DSCRIBE on Facebook. I took to Riz instantly due to his one of a kind style. No one else out there is encompassing all of the different elements the way that he does in his music. And he does it quite well. I like “The Riz Intro” song/video. You get a feel for Riz and just as you start getting into the music, everything ends so abruptly that you are left wanting more. Great strategy for generating interest in the up-and-coming EP. The RIZ EP is supposed to hit the masses on August 1st. So be sure to be on the lookout. I know I am. -MinM

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