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Joey Burbs – “Houston Nights”

by Miracle

Joey Burbs reached out to the site with his most recent musical gem a little bit ago. It’s a tribute to his second home of Houston, Texas. Which he describes as the place that taught him how to truly live life. The song is labeled “Houston Nights” and it is produced by Mr. Burbs himself.

The production here is fetching. The gentle bass-line, silky complementary elements, undemanding pace, and peaceful vibe result in a refreshing mixture. The hook is sufficient. The melodic tone is luring and the lyrics are spirited. The verses are conventional. Joey Burbs draws upon a varying flow, doting wordplay, and nostalgic rhymes. He openly ponders over his time in H-Town and the miscellaneous events, people, etc that have impacted his stay there. A highlight from his trip down memory lane includes: “The fact is I wouldn’t be here without support and opportunity. I’m grateful everyday for the blessings that’s been accrued. But still I turned a silver-spoon into a China set. For those who think that I ain’t work for this, the same ones who ain’t find it yet. At times I doubted, I remember what my dad said. Put the work in early, it’ll pay off on the back end.” Those are some pretty insightful bars being put forth right there. All in all, this is a novel offering.

**My Two Cents: “Houston Nights” is an enjoyable record. I really liked hearing about some of Joey’s adventures in H-Town and the resulting influences. Can never go wrong with a personal track. Additionally, it has a nice feel to it. Definitely works well for those late Summer nights when you need something to put on and zone out to. Readers should go ahead and click play so that they can experience the tune for themselves. And don’t forget to check out the link at the start of the post for more with Mr. Burbs. -MinM

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