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Sonick – “Hustle” (Video)

by Miracle

Milwaukee talent Sonick has spent his time this Summer gearing his supporters up for a fresh new album as well as responding to all of the love he’s been receiving on his past efforts as he expands his brand through various new mediums such as Pandora. He has also been doing live shows in various cities like Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. An example of his previous gems gaining new shine comes about via the release of his latest video “Hustle.” The single appears on his popular This Is Me project. The track became a fast hit among the people, garnering a healthy amount of streams (over 39,000) once the album hit the applicable websites. So Sonick decided to give it life on the small screen. Take a peek at the end result after the break.

The video is directed by 2MM Studios. It opens with a clip of Sonick standing in a darkened area going in on the rhyme front a-capella style. He displays his Mid-West roots with the speedy signature flow that the region is well known for thanks to artists such as Twista. From there, Sonick launches into an energetic performance of “Hustle.” The modest surroundings of the flick nod to the rugged nature of the tune while Sonick’s personal swag and sleek mannerisms speak to the elements that drew in all of the aforementioned streams from the people. The piece concludes on a light comedic note. All in all, this is a dope short visual.

**My Two Cents: Great song, great video, and Sonick is truly proving himself to be a great artist. I like the song a lot and the video is super fitting. The more overcast scenes have a dramatic air to them that really provides a cool contrast from the well lit ones. And the ending is unexpected but definitely a nice little touch. I am glad the fans inspired Sonick to release this one. Sonick’s upcoming Lyfe Thru Lyrics LP is slated to hit the market in January of 2018. I highly advise readers to keep up with him so that they don’t miss out on the pending awesomeness. -MinM

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