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Chase Carter, Obliq of Strange Tang, & Mechee – “Edge Life” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

“Edge Life” (purchase)

 #IAMDJDEEZY is the latest upcoming album from the fellas of Strange Tang. They’ve got their supporters on high alert for the project’s release. To further add to the excitement, they leaked the LP’s first track/video just a few short days ago. It’s called “Edge Life” and it’s a collaborative undertaking between artists: Chase Carter, Obliq, and Mechee.

The production here is smooth. The clean foundation, flattering secondary components, mid-tempo groove, and breezy vibe fit together naturally. The hook is polished as well. Chase Carter nails the vocals with distinguished harmonies and the lyrics are appealing. The verses are likable. Obliq kicks things off with the first verse and Mechee brings everything home on the second. Both rappers lace the beat with individualized flows, savvy wordplay, and gratifying rhymes. The duo do a stand up job of outlining what living on the edge is all about for the listener. Overall, this is a noteworthy first single.

As mentioned earlier, there is a video for this tune. The premise for the flick is very self-explanatory. It’s basically a black & white behind the scenes glimpse of the fellas doing their thing in the studio. The trio approach the mic with high spirits which makes their recording session enjoyable to watch. Additionally, there is a nice bit of promo throughout the vision for the upcoming #IAMDJDEEZY collective. Including the infamous t-shirt that is mentioned at the beginning of the song. The visuals conclude by fading out to a date which is presumably the time frame that the pending LP is going to hit the masses. As a whole, this is a valid effort.

**My Two Cents: I dig “Edge Life” as both a single and video. The beat is engaging and the content is very smooth. On the visual end, I always love to see artists in their element creating their art. So the concept is pretty legit to me. And now I too want a DJ Deezy shirt (lbvs). The fellas of Strange Tang and their affiliates seem to never disappoint. If you agree and are looking forward to the new release like I am, the LP will be unleashed on the 30th of this month. So keep those eyes and ears peeled. -MinM

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