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Vanessa Elisha – “Good Ones Go” (Drake Cover)

by Miracle

Sometimes the best things in life happen by accident. Such is the case with the latest release from one of the site’s favorite crooners, Vanessa Elisha. She turned a night of writer’s block into the recording of a very awesome cover. The cover is of “Good Ones Go” which was originally an interlude by Drake from his 2011 Take Care LP. The tune is a personal favorite of the Australian diva’s. She started playing around with it in the studio one evening and the rest is history. She tapped one of her partners in crime XXYYXX to jazz up the production and then decided to bless the ears of her followers with the finished rendition.

The production here is of a superior quality. The fulfilling bass, snazzy supporting musical elements, infectious tempo, and classic vibe are a match made in heaven. Excellent contrast to the more subdued instrumental behind Drake’s version. The hook is equally as impressive. The vocals are silky and the lyrics are conventional. It should be noted that the lyrics are the same as the initial version. The verses are sparkling. Once again, the lyrics remain unchanged. However, Vanessa Elisha gives them a new life with her aerial harmonies, subtle twists, and feminine perspective. She takes on the position of a conflicted lover in a very believable manner while sweetly dishing out lines like: “I’m getting money just taking care of me boy. I’m spending money just taking care of me right now. I’m getting money just taking care of me boy. Cause you’d be tired of taking care of me by now.” As a whole, this is a premium remake. Definitely in the top tier for Drake covers.

**My Two Cents: Initially Vanessa Elisha did not want to release this cover. She was worried that it would come off as corny or just simply be chalked up as another Drake remix. I am really glad that she had a change of heart. This cover is life. XXYYXX outdoes himself with the way he tweaks the beat and Vanessa’s execution is super refreshing. Drizzy would give this the OVO seal of approval for sure. Readers need to give this a spin asap. Would make for a great add to those Summer playlists that I’m sure are starting to form as the weather heats up. -MinM

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