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Quise Picasso – “Sinnin”

by Miracle

As Milwaukee artist Quise Picasso puts the finishing touches on his upcoming EP, Frank Costello, he decided to allow his supporters to preview a couple of new singles that will appear on the collective. One that he is particularly fond of is coined “Sinnin.” The track is produced by the one and only Uno OnTha Beatz.

The production here is of a top of the line quality. The consistent foundation, sleek background components, magnetic rhythm, and plush vibe blend together gracefully. The hook is a good look too. The deliveries co-exist perfectly and the lyrics are raw. The verses are suitable. Quise Picasso employs a clean cut flow, proper wordplay, and candid rhymes. He speaks freely about his love/hate relationship with the street life. He shares: “I take a sip and I think I should go out like a killer. Unload this b—h while I’m drunk and take myself out the picture. Then I think of my daughter. What type of life would she have knowing her daddy was selfish cause you f–k boys made him mad? So on the strength of that thought, I just do me and I get it. But I ain’t running from nothing. So if it’s war then I’m with it.” Those are some heavy and picturesque opening bars right there. All in all, this is a noteworthy selection.

**My Two Cents: So in Quise Picasso’s debut on the site, I said I wanted to hear a longer track with some versatility. I definitely got that this time around. He played with a bit of melody and took a more laid back approach with his execution. The content is of substance. He gives the listener a personal glimpse into his world as well as let’s it be known that the street life isn’t all glitz & glamour. I dig it. Definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of the Frank Costello EP. Y’all definitely need to click play and stay tuned for the upcoming project. -MinM

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