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Quise Picasso – “God”

by Miracle

artworks-000170902642-pt7ine-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Quise Picasso is a Milwaukee bred rapper who has been doing his thing since the late 90’s. His early beginnings include a significant amount of time spent in the world of battle rap. Though it proved to be a successful venture, the streets initially took more of a hold on the 414 talent than music.

However, things turned around after Picasso spent some time incarcerated. He re-evaluated his gifts and got more into writing as well as challenging other worthy artists. Upon his release, Picasso got in the studio and started doing a bit of networking within the local music scene. He would go on to secure two projects under his belt; both of which were met with high praise. Additionally, he established Executive Board Music Group along with becoming affiliated with Tri Entertainment, LLC. At the moment, he is working on a new EP entitled Frank Costello.

He shared a short number off of the project with the site. The track is called “God” and it is produced by another MKE music scene persona, Famous MF. The production for the record is set to a booming bass-line with sinister supporting details and a no-nonsense vibe. All of the elements sound dope together. There is no hook on this cut as it is just the opening for the EP. The continuous verse is sufficient. Quise Picasso utilizes a gruff flow, sharp wordplay, and forward rhymes. The goal of the single is to serve as a statement to any rapper local or otherwise who feels that they are the best in the game. And Quise definitely sends quite the message with lines like: “So f–k Pizzle and anybody that’s top ten. The game’s a competition. And we are not friends. Yo squad against my squad. You will not win. Bar for bar my n—a. Let’s see whose hot then.” Those bars right there are practically fighting words (lol). Overall, this is a legit little number.

**My Two Cents: My first impression of Quise Picasso is a favorable one. I like his flow and the roughness of it. Reminds me of a lot of old school rappers. And his pen game is pretty valid. I’d like to hear a bit of a longer track though. Also curious to see how versatile he can be with his style & content. But he’s definitely got my attention. I shall be keeping my eyes & ears open for that Frank Costello EP. In the mean time, readers should go ahead and give “God” a spin. -MinM

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