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J-Lamo – “The Mission”

by Miracle

IMG_1483(Photo By Sound Cloud)

J-Lamo was introduced to readers back in February. Since that time he has been forging full steam ahead with his craft and is on the brink of releasing his aforementioned project, Writer’s Block. Not too long ago, he shared the demo’s initial release with the site. It’s labeled “The Mission” and it was produced by Derelle Rideout.

The production here is very suave. The orderly bass line, domesticated musical components, mellow tempo, and entrancing vibe fuse effortlessly together. The hook is refreshing. The delivery is colorful and the lyrics are vivid. The verses are top of the line. J-Lamo employs a token flow, ornate wordplay, and striking rhymes. This time around the 414 spitter was on a quest to put on for the city by way of proving that genuine talent does indeed exist in the MKE music scene. He also wanted to motivate his listeners to stay focused and keep pushing towards whatever ambitions, goals, etc, that they might have. A high point from his narrative includes: “Stop complaining, no excuses. You can miss me with the b—hing bro. I’m on a clock. You taking days off. You say you a boss. But you n—as laid off. No one ever told me that the grind was ever perfect. You’re an unproductive sucker. You don’t shine if you ain’t working …. b—h.” One can not deny the gifted nature of those lines right there. Overall, this is a banging lead single.

**My Two Cents: J-Lamo continues to impress me. “The Mission” is a really well packaged track. The beat is favorable and it suits J-Lamo’s style perfectly. The content is definitely an excellent representation of what Milwaukee has to offer. Additionally, it easily fits the theme of any ‘on the grind’ type of playlist. So J-Lamo nails both of his intended purposes. If readers are looking for a fresh new tune to keep on repeat, “The Mission” is the way to go. But don’t just take my word for it, scroll up and press play. Keep an eye on that Twitter account too (see above). I have a feeling that Writer’s Block is going to be quite the demo. -MinM

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