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Strange Tang – “God Willing” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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The fellas of Strange Tang graced the masses with a new song & video a couple of days ago. The release is coined “God Willing” and it is produced by Xavier Jordan.

The track is set to a snazzy groove with velvety background elements and an influential vibe. The hook is very memorable. The delivery is entertaining and the lyrics are satisfactory. The verses are premium. Obliq and Price employ spirited flows full of Southern charm, apt wordplay, and high grade rhymes. They give the listener an ear full of confidence, fresh lingo, and a tad bit of knowledge. For example, Price spits: “Uncle Sam don’t give a damn about how you make that payment. N—as be thinking s–t sweet ’til they income tax gets taken. Student loans, student loans, predatory banking. Educated slaves make more for the taking. The federal reserve keeps inflating. Military keeps invading while the Congress keeps evading questions. Or shall I say answers. Lock us up for selling medicine. Then let them sell us cancer.” Those are some seriously thought provoking bars right there. As a whole, this is a well-founded selection.

As mentioned, there is a video for this record currently in rotation. The premise for the flick centers around the duo being fully immersed amongst the people. They spend some time at a festival of sorts with the biker crowd. They visit various shops and businesses including a nifty looking skateboard outlet. Additionally, there is some awesome footage of them turning up in the studio while laying down the single. They look completely at home and in their element. The transitioning between the different aspects of the pair’s journey is done flawlessly. And the rest of the editing work is pretty spotless as well. The vision concludes with some fading studio shots that are accompanied by some very jazzy instrument rifts. All in all, this is a dope and appropriate offering.

**My Two Cents: This is my first Strange Tang post of 2016 and they picked the perfect song & video to submit. “God Willing” is just appealing from start to finish. The beat is undeniable and the content is very enticing. Price especially shakes things up a bit by all of the touchy subjects that he addresses. But music needs moments like that. It keeps listeners on their toes. The video is fly too. I love the rapport that the fellas have with the people. I’ve said it before, but the way they just seem to naturally connect with individuals from all walks of life is always awesome to witness. Being humble and down to earth can go quite a long ways. Readers need to get with the “On My God Shit”movement pronto and press play. -MinM

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