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The Movie Council: Best & Worst Films Of 2014 (Recap Video)

by Miracle

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Not ones to be left out of sharing their own end of the year list, The Movie Council got together to give viewers their opinions on the best and worst movies of 2014. Each member chimes in with their choices for each, followed by a break down of why they made the selections. Find out if your favorite movie made the list and if so which side it landed on after the break.

Keelo got the 2014 recap video rolling with the best movies of the past year up first. He chose X Men: Days Of Future Past. This movie seemingly made the list for the way it brings together the trilogy and allows for a smooth continuation of the franchise. Qewl Miles shares his pick next. He decides to go with Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. The humanization of the apes seems to be what put this film in the running. Afterwards, Rich P. chimes in with a movie that not too many people may have heard of entitled Enemy. It came out overseas in 2013 and hit the states last February. It stars the ever so talented Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s psychological tone and unconventional storyline are the elements that won over the 414 artist. Rick Porter then speaks his mind and he feels like Interstellar belongs in the top picks. He thinks the film has the total package and is a great representation of the Sci-Fi genre. And Kal’L closes out the best of the best list with Guardians Of The Galaxy as his pick. He appreciates the unexpected nature of the film and feels the soundtrack is a winner as well.

Keelo gets in the hot seat again to start the breakdown of the worst movies of 2014. He sticks it to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for his pick. He feels like the movie is just a little too over the top and unrealistic to do any justice to the brand. Qewl Miles on the other hand has love for the turtles but was not very fond of Lucy. He believes that the film starts off well but doesn’t hold up as it builds. His fellow council members have some mixed opinions. It makes for an interesting discussion. Rich P. apparently didn’t dig a lot of films in 2014 but the one he takes to task for the recap is Sex Tape. His issue with the film is that it didn’t keep him interested enough to complete it. That’s never a good look for a movie. Especially a comedy. Rick Porter decides to go in on a film entitled Tusk. Another not too well known pick. It’s of the horror persuasion and has a very odd premise. It takes a turn in the midst of the film that seems to ruin it for the videographer. And Kal brings it home by unleashing his dissatisfaction on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He feels like the writing and storyline are extremely lacking which in turn hurts the addition to the brand. The fellas wind down with group honorable mentions for both categories which readers will have to tune into the video to uncover.

**My Two Cents: I love end of the year lists and recaps. This one is no different. I like the fact that everybody got to share their own individual choices and then the council went back and did a collective thing. I also dig the fact that some members chose uncommon movies. So it wasn’t just all the hyped up mainstream ones that made the cut. For instance, I am a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, so I will definitely be checking out Enemy. And as a whole, I think the guys made some interesting selections backed by solid reasoning. I didn’t agree with a few of them but I enjoyed the recap none the less, lol. I believe readers will too. On another note, I have to say that this is the most relaxed and in their element webisode that the council has done so far. It’s great to see them starting to settle in and get comfortable. Will undoubtedly make for doper videos in the future. -MinM

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