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Pushing The Fashion Envelope: Introducing Nudxty Clothing Brand (Q&A)

by Miracle

Nudxty Clothing Brand is a fashion imprint based out of Baltimore, Maryland. It has an unique concept that centers around the idea of freedom of expression as it plays on the controversy and extremities that surround the term ‘nudity.’ The purpose being to encourage the consumer to embrace the term in their own way and not be afraid to rock the threads that go along with it. It is such a compelling venture that The Illixer decided to chop it up with Mattie Mahtisyn, the brand’s founder, to learn a little bit more. Dive deeper into the world of Nudxty after the break.

The Illixer: How did you first get into fashion?

Mattie Mahtisyn: I first got into fashion when I was 17 in the 11th grade. I would usually draw designs here and there but then when I was in 12th I came out with my first shirt (at the time I thought it was the coolest shirt ever). I got a lot of attention from it, so then from that day on I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

TI: Name three of your favorite fashion designers or brands and explain why you chose them. 

MM: I can only name one and that is Brian Donnelly, the creator of Kaws which also inspired the brand Original Fake. I love his art work mainly because of the Kaws character he uses which is a cartoonish skull and cross bones. With Kaws he integrated his art work with so much like Pop Culture and anything else that you can imagine is out there. For example he used Spongebob as an integration with Kaws which was really amazing!

TI: What was the inspiration behind your brand Nudxty?

MM: The inspiration behind Nudxty was just blatantly the word itself and that left us open with a very broad subject and theme for the brand.

TI: What is it that sets your brand apart from other lifestyle brands?

MM: What sets us apart from other brands is really our mission statement and subject of the brand. Our mission statement is: “It Is What You Make It, Not How You Take It, Because Everything’s A Choice. ” What we mean by that is that everyone has their own precipitated notion on how they take actual nudity. Some take it negatively and some may take it positively, but overall it is in the eye of the beholder. Everything in the whole world is a choice. Even emotions such as being: happy, mad, or sad. However, we decide to make “Nudity” that prime example since that is whats so universally known. So our brand has more of a concept that allows our audience to think and perceive our merchandise in many ways imaginable.

TI: What type of merchandise do you offer in your collection?

MM: As long as I’ve been doing clothes I’ve done a lot of things with clothes but for what’s coming up it’ll be simple since Nudxty is new. So I’ll be doing a couple: t-shirts, hoodies, five panel hats, and more that the people will have to actually see themselves.

TI: What are your thoughts on the fashion in today’s Hip-Hop industry?

MM: I think that fashion in the Hip-Hop industry is very popular now a days. It’s more popular then it’s ever been just because artists want to dress a certain way to be more different or stick out more then others. It’s all about trends also coming and going just because of Hip-Hop/Rap artists and it’s not just them its also any other artists out there as well. Because of the trends I don’t really like the fact that people jump on a band wagon to wear one thing just because that rapper wears it instead of actually wearing it because they genuinely like that brand.

TI: Who are some Hip-Hop artists whose style you admire and why?

MM: Kid Cudi is the one artist whose style I really admire just because he stays original with what he wears. He keeps his style simple and creative as much as possible to a striking point. AND I BET YOU WON’T SEE HIM WEARING ANY LAME LEATHER SHIRT OR LEATHER JOGGERS!

TI: Five years from now, where do you envision your company?

MM: Five years from now I see not just my company but myself in New York with my own shop and with a long portfolio that has created a name for myself that has Nudxty well known.

**My Two Cents: I think Nudxty is a cool brand. I dig their concept a lot and their pieces are pretty on point too. My favorite is the Bleached Amethyst Tee. Readers can get a glimpse of it in the above slideshow. They have other favorable items on their official website as well as on their Instagram account. And they are currently giving away free stickers. Which is awesome. So make sure to visit those links for additional merchandise photos and to see how to get in on the free goodies. Much love to Mattie Mahtisyn for taking the time out to participate in the Q&A! -MinM

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