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The Local Nobodies F/ Montrey Slayton – “Wannabes”

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

The Local Nobodies AP

Our new pals The Local Nobodies were kind enough to share another song off of their current project, The Local Nobodies AP. This track features crooner Montrey Slayton. The production is excellent. Sonically it has a very soulful feel to it. It contains the prominent use of horns, a light bass, and a smooth vibe. The hook is flawless. Slayton has perfectly tuned vocals and the lyrics are top-notch. The verses are first-rate. Both Frankie Flowers and Jay One bring polished flows, artful wordplay, and choice rhymes. The duo sound off loud and clear on how they feel about the sheisty individuals they encounter. Noteworthy lines include: “Here we go back in the flesh. Nature Boy Rick Flair, rap’s vet. Ravishing Rick Rude, attitude shrewd to these whack dudes but these hoes wanna have sex. And I don’t need to do an a** check. Last check, my chic got they a** stressed. Bet, you talking money and figures. Well money I hear ya. But n—a you can’t even cash the check.” Raw spitting right there and gotta love the nod to the old school wrestlers. Overall, this track is fly and a good reason to go cop The Local Nobodies AP. If this one track is on point, the others have to be just as hot or better, right? If they need more convincing readers can check out a review for “Lavish,” another cut off of the project, here.

**My Two Cents: This song is great. It delivers from the production to the content and has a certain appeal to it that makes you want to keep it on repeat. Was happy to have the opportunity to dish about it to readers. Don’t forget to reach out to The Local Nobodies on Twitter: @mrjayone and @frankieflowers2. -MinM

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