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Kidd Russell F/ Cisco Adler – “Are We Having Fun Yet” (Video)

by Miracle

Previously featured Illinois rapper Kidd Russell and his homie Cisco Adler have dropped another single and video off his upcoming EP from Bananabeat Records. This time around Adler takes on multiple roles in the song. He not only produced the track but he performed the hook as well. The track is entitled “Are We Having Fun Yet.” It blends the genres of Hip-Hop and Rock in a very lively fashion. The visuals for the track match the free spirited tone of the song. Check it out below.


The video was directed by David Turvey. Upon it’s debut, the video appeared on the front page of VEVO along with projects by: Kanye West, Machine Gun Kelly, Nas, and more. That is a pretty impressive group of artists to share the spotlight with. It should also be noted that cameos are made from several individuals such as Stu Stone from the former MTV show Blowin’ Up, The Homeless DJ aka DJ John Blaze, and a few others. The concept for the video revolves around the adventures of Kidd and his crew. They just let go and have a good time while taking part in a variety of activities. A few of those activities include: drinking, a picnic, and more. The video winds down with some zany hot tub/pool action. All in all, this was an impressive project.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a delightful video. The concept was really engaging. I especially liked the liquor store scene. And the song itself has a very addictive element about it. I definitely think readers should take a few minutes and watch. And don’t forget to check out Kidd Russell’s website. -MinM

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