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Kidd Russell – “Pulaski Day” (Produced By Cisco Adler)

by Miracle

(Photo By Kidd Russell)

Kidd Russell is an emcee from Illinois with an  unorthodox approach to Hip-Hop. He blends a variety of styles with his music and thus has labeled it Alternative Hip-Hop. One can expect to hear everything from Reggae to Rockabilly in his work. Russell got his start just messing around with free-styling with a friend back in high school. After being encouraged to take music more seriously, Kidd Russell began to record and promote his music in college. Upon finishing college and returning home to Chicago, Russell kicked his music journey into high gear with self: management, promotion, and distribution. And all of his hard work and dedication has certainly paid off. He has had his music on various major networks, his videos have been played on MTV, he has opened for major Hip-Hop names such as Common, and the list goes on. His most recent achievement comes in catching the attention of the infamous Sonja Norwood. Yes, R&B superstars Brandy and Ray J‘s momager. Her input has led Kidd Russell to working with producer Cisco Adler. One result of their work is a single called “Pulaski Day.”



Pulaski Day is a holiday acknowledged in Illinois on the first Monday in March. It is meant to honor Casimir Pulaski who was a Revolutionary War cavalry officer. It is acknowledged in other states as well, especially those with a high Polish population. Part of the celebration in Illinois though, is a three day weekend of festivities which include: school closings, a day off work, lots of beach activity, etc. The three day affair was the inspiration behind Russell’s single and video. The track is a funky upbeat number, with a fun catchy hook, and lyrics that boast and brag about the best of the best that Chicago has to offer. The video is a bright colorful depiction of what the beloved city is like. The song and video are getting lots of attention and have been featured in The Chicagoist, The Chicago Tribune, and more. The video alone has pulled in over 150, 000 views on YouTube. That is not too shabby. Overall, the song isn’t the strongest lyrically but it’s a cool pleasant tribute to the Chi. And the video looks awesome, it just oozes a good time. So take a minute, click play, and show our neighboring city some love.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a neat and entertaining tribute to Chicago. I think what makes it so appealing is the fact that it shows the city in such a positive light. Chicago has a tough reputation, so it’s nice to see someone putting a different perspective on things. Plus, Kidd Russell and his crew looked like they were having a ball in the video. Anyone watching can tell that there is a genuine love for the city present. So I enjoyed “Pulaski Day.” If readers also enjoyed it, they can purchase the single on iTunes. And be sure to learn more about Kidd Russell by visiting his website. -MinM

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