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Boys Like Britain & Condor – “VIP Night” (Plus 2 Bonus Tracks)

by Miracle

The previous post featuring Boys Like Britain is getting major views. Therefore figured it would be a good time to share some of her music. As mentioned, she is a Hip-Hop artist. Her style and lyrics are pretty unique but according to some of her interviews and such, she is heavily influenced by the 80’s and fellow female rapper Kreayshawn. She even has a Kreayshawn tattoo, now that is a die hard fan for you. She sent over three different tracks for readers’ listening pleasure. This post will take an in depth look into one and then leave the other two for everyone to listen to and judge on their own. Since it is almost the weekend, the selected track is “VIP Night.” The track is a collaboration with local Dub-Step duo Condor. The duo are associates of Britain’s, who are into both producing and rapping. The production for the track features a mid-tempo pace and a smooth chill vibe. It sounds dope. No hook or chorus is present on this cut. The first verse features a brief mention of the song title at the end but that is it. The fellas of Condor take on the first part of the track and Boys Like Britain makes her presence felt on the final portion. All three artists came with lots of personality and fun solid rhymes. They leave no doubt in the listener’s mind that they know how to party and have a good time. Overall, this was a nice track. Perfect for that weekend playlist everyone has that they jam to as they prepare to go out and hit the town.



The other two tracks that Britain sent over feature Condor as well. The second favorite is entitled “4.0.” It is an uptempo number about Britain stressing over a certain guy. The track is decent, has some comical elements to it, and is something that people can relate to. Definitely worth lending an ear, so check it out below. And the final track that Boys Like Britain shared is called “Cuntology.” It is a low key track that entails Britain & Condor showing off their more sensual sides, so to speak. The cut is a little edgy but respectable and readers can check it out via Boys Like Britain’s YouTube channel. She does a lot of different and interesting videos, so be sure to explore some of her other visuals as well. And don’t forget to visit and like her band page on Facebook.



**My Two Cents: I was really excited to finally connect with Boys Like Britain. We network with a lot of the same people and so I was a little familiar with her already. But over the past two days, I’ve done a bit more research and started listening to her music. I think she’s a fresh chic and really brings a whole new meaning to being an individual and doing your own thing. Her music is a little unconventional, so it’s not for everybody. But I think her personality and spirit are what contribute to her loyal healthy fan base and all the love she receives. Big kudos to Boys Like Britain, thanks for sharing your music with The Illixer. Keep being yourself! -MinM

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