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Taylor Mallory – “You Do It” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By iTunes)

Illinois native Taylor Mallory has dropped a video for his latest single “You Do It.” The single dropped last month and  is currently available on iTunes. A review for the track can be read here. The video can be seen below.


The visuals are a sexy yet tasteful number that simply feature Taylor and the lady of his desire sharing an intimate moment. The interesting thing about the video is the way it was shot.  The camera never pans away from Taylor and his boo until almost the end of the video. So the scene remains tight and close up. Its a unique way to give the video a nice cozy feel. The video has an intriguing ending as well. The camera finally zooms out and Taylor’s boo is shown rocking a wedding veil. Then the camera fades to black, leaving viewers with room to do a little speculating. The ambiguous ending is a nice touch. Overall, this video is a great watch.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a sweet video. It captures the smooth vibe of the single flawlessly. Also, like others are saying, it had a respectable form of  sensuality to it. They conveyed the idea to the viewer without any extreme nudity, obscene gestures, etc. And these days that is rare. So the video definitely served it’s purpose and brought the song to life well. Kudos to Taylor and his crew for a job well done. Don’t forget to head on over to iTunes and snag that single. And then go check out Taylor and his Level Next Music family via their website. -MinM

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