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Stand Up And Meet Electrifying Rapper: Furyus

by Miracle

(Photo By Mark Nious)

“Stand Up”  F/ Devon & “Electrify”  F/ Ms. Lu

Furyus is a triple threat talent from Washington D. C.. He is a rapper, songwriter, and a producer. Furyus has been in the industry since 2003. His music is described as catchy, inspiring, and energetic. Throughout the course of  his career, he has shared the stage with numerous rappers like Killa Priest (Wu-Tang Clan). Additionally, he has received recognition and praise in a good number of publications like Urban Empire Magazine. In 2010, Furyus signed with indie label Nite Vision Entertainment. Recently, he made his label debut with his first official album, My Thoughts. The album has been getting rave reviews in the United States and overseas. The key to the album’s successful reception is the release of the two singles shown above. They have received lots of airplay and thus are generating a buzz for the project. Let’s see what the fuss is about.

“Stand Up”

This is more of a street style track. The production here is top notch. It features a low bass, a Rock style rift, and an intense vibe. The hook is decent. The vocals are fair and the lyrics are adequate. The verses are solid. Furyus has a clean flow and well put together rhymes. His rhymes on this cut embody the earlier mentioned theme of inspiration. The verses could be a tad bit stronger though. They would match the feel of the beat better and really drive home the uplifting message. Overall, this song is worth a listen. It could use some minor tweaking but still has noteworthy aspects.


This song takes on an extremely lighter tone than the previous cut. The production is outstanding. It contains a piano sound at work, an uptempo pace, and a club type of vibe. The hook is great. The vocals are pleasing and the lyrics are fun. The verses are on point too. Furyus has an energetic flow and quality lyrics. He does a credible job of putting the listener in a party type of mood. Which is the goal of the track, according to the intro. In the end, this cut is very appealing and it’s easy to understand why it’s a radio favorite.

**My Two Cents: These two singles are completely different from each other, which makes them smart selections for release. They show off Furyus’s versatility and they can attract more of a diverse audience to his music. As the singles are going to appeal to two different types of music lovers. I think for his first time out the gate, he did a respectable job. As he continues to grow in his career, I think Furyus has potential to be a decent emcee. But readers are encouraged to give the singles a listen and form their own opinions. For more with the Washington native, check out his website. Readers can also catch up with Furyus on Twitter. -MinM

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