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Taylor Mallory – “You Do It”

by Miracle

(Photo By iTunes)

“You Do It”

Taylor Mallory is a soulful singer/songwriter from Illinois. He is signed with Level Next Music and has recently released some new music. On Valentines Day, he dropped a single on iTunes called “You Do It.” The production here is pleasant. It contains soft instruments and a smooth/mellow vibe. The hook is decent. Taylor has wonderful vocal work going on. The lyrics are not too complex but still quality and effective. “You do it and there ain’t nothing to it. I just had to pursue cause I can’t let you get away. You do it and I can never lose it. I would never abuse it. So just promise me that you’ll stay,”  these few lines sum up the theme of the single perfectly. The verses are good. Taylor continues to deliver harmonious vocals and the lyrics are well put together. The lyrics tell the all too familiar story of a stand up guy trying to build a relationship with a woman who has been hurt in the past. Something a lot of listeners are sure to be able to connect with. Taylor does an impeccable job of making a heart felt plea to his lady. Check it as he sings: “I know you wear your heart on your sleeve. And it’s broken easily, cause love’s been too cruel to you. I know that you can do better. I’m lucky to have ya. I’ll never betray your trust;”  touching right? In the end, this song is a hit. There is not a girl in the world who wouldn’t be persuaded by the sweet melody and lyrics. But please click the provided link and preview/purchase the cut on iTunes for yourselves. And get more with the Illinois songster here.

**My Two Cents: I been networking with Taylor for a while now and his music never fails to amaze me. He has a great voice and a really moving way with words. Looking forward to seeing what he has in store for the future. -MinM

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