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News: Rapper Ludacris Tries His Hand At Parking Lot Pimpin

by Miracle

(Photo By TrackSnob.Com)

Seems like Atlanta rapper Ludacris has had enough beef and is ready to move on to bigger and better things. One of those things involves a new film. The flick has been dubbed Parking Lot Pimpin’. The movie will be directed by Coke-Daniels and is a joint venture between Luda’s Disturbing Tha Peace company and Hoody Allan Productions. Ludacris will star as a character by the name of Walt. Walt goes through a nasty break up and decides to hit the town for a night out with his friend Dez. Dez is a slick character who isn’t quite slick enough to get people to buy into him or his schemes. Dez is supposed to school Walt in the business of “parking lot pimpin’.”

The phrase comes from the practice of men waiting outside of the club in the parking lot for women as they leave the venue. The idea is that the women have done all of their socializing, dancing, and drinking for the night. Thus it will be easier and cheaper to get them back home, in bed, etc. Ludacris will do more than just star in the film. He will also work behind the scenes as a producer. Shooting for the project will begin in April. No release date has been given yet but the flick is being prepped for release on the big screen. The movie is not the only thing Luda has under his belt. Ludacris is working on a new studio album as well. The album is entitled Ludaversal and will include contributions from infamous producers, The Neptunes. This makes for the rapper’s eighth studio album. Additionally, it is being said that Ludaversal will serve as a sequel to Luda’s Theater Of The Mind LP. No date has been set for the album release either, but sources say it should hit retailers sometime in May. It has been two years since Luda has released any official music. His last project was the Battle Of The Sexes LP back in 2010.

**My Two Cents: I have always been a fan of Luda. His last few albums have been a little weak but he still has some dope rhymes. And he’s not a bad actor either. He is not the best rapper to hit the big screen, however he does alright. The upcoming film seems a little corny though. Looking forward to seeing what Ludacris has been sitting on these past two years. -MinM

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