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Signif – “Soul Clap”

by Miracle

The sis Signif has released her second video from her Embracing Rejection LP.  The video is for the “Soul Clap” track. The track was produced by Tay Lee and the video was directed by Darren Cole. Check it out below.



The concept for the video is an entertainer’s dream versus their reality. Signif had this to say about the piece: “One goal that many artists have in common is the lust for the limelight, whether working a 9-5 or different hustles on the side we all have dreams of traveling the world performing, while living off our music comfortably. The trick is making that dream a reality.” That is a deep perspective on things. And one that a lot of other underground/indie rappers probably share. This video was well done. The opening features a cinematic style. The concept is carried out via Signif doing her thing on stage in an old school theater. The theater is basically empty and the only item that Sig has on stage with her is a microphone. So no glitz or glam, just a pure raw Hip-Hop performance. Additionally, there are close up/solo shots of Sig backstage. The video has an interesting ending that involves Signif playing another role. Overall, this was a dope piece and a superb way to bring the track to life. Don’t forget to check out Embracing Rejection via the provided link. Then head on over to Facebook or Twitter and let Sig know what you thought of the album.


**My Two Cents: I liked this video because I feel like it really captured the essence of Signif. It was simple on the surface but there is a more complex meaning behind it. At first glance, Signif is not a flashy or over the top femcee. However, when she spits, she takes it to another level. That’s what makes her such a beast. Once again, she delivered another winning product. Gotta love her! -MinM

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