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Milwaukee talent BKnitts embarked on an interesting new venture last month. He released a project entitled SoloS in conjunction with producer Paper Wolf. The collective serves as not only a fresh set of tunes but as a brand of sorts as well. The brand is reflected within the new website that was created to coincide with the short album. Readers can view said website here.

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The highly anticipated fifth album from Milwaukee native BKnitts is here. WAVES is a journey through his consciousness, struggles and triumphs as a man, and overall versatility as an artist. This is a really dope project from BKnitts. Unfortunately, this album is 14 songs too long. 26 tracks is way too many for an album. Honestly, BKnitts should’ve picked the best 12 or 13 tracks because that’s all he needed. You can actually easily point out the album fillers and what can standout on it’s own. Besides the album length, the vibe of this album lives up to it’s name. If your conscious had a soundtrack (well I know mine does), WAVES would be it.

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 “Revelations” (listen/download)

It’s been a while since rapper BKnitts graced the pages of The Illixer. Thus figured it would be a good time to share one of his releases from earlier in the year. It’s a song/video titled “Revelations.” It’s a remix of a song called “Mantis” by a group that goes by the name of Made In Heights. The group is composed of producer Sabzi and singer Kelsey Bulkin. The single is featured on Sabzi’s project, the Wøøds.

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H.Y.P.E. (listen/download)

Approximately a year ago, readers got the chance to meet Milwaukee artist BKnitts via his song “Words.” He is a rapper who makes positive alternative Hip-Hop music with a message. Last month he dropped a full length project. It’s titled H.Y.P.E. (Hail Youth Praise Elan). It contains a total of 16 tracks and includes guest appearances from the likes of Klassik, Tommy Prospect, Amerikas Addiction, and more. He promises that it’s a listen that will not disappoint. Find out which songs the site felt best lived up to that sentiment after the break.

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“Words” (listen/download)

BKnitts is a fresh face to the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. He started out doing music as a casual pastime but it grew to become a serious form of expression for the rapper. His style is said to be charming yet hard and his lyrics have been described as relative. He is always working to improve his craft and is hoping to make a strong impact on the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene.