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BKnitts – “Words”

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

“Words” (listen/download)

BKnitts is a fresh face to the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene. He started out doing music as a casual pastime but it grew to become a serious form of expression for the rapper. His style is said to be charming yet hard and his lyrics have been described as relative. He is always working to improve his craft and is hoping to make a strong impact on the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene.

Not too long ago he shared a fresh new single with the site, simply titled “Words.” The production here is great. It contains a sample of “Do Ya Like” by emcee Childish Gambino. Gambino sampled “Melt My Heart To Stone” by Adele for his track. For those who haven’t heard either song, the beat has a very smooth mid-tempo groove to it. The hook just features BKnitts putting his own spin on the sample vocals. He actually sounds pretty decent. The verses are satisfying. BKnitts presents a high energy flow, deft wordplay, and creditable rhymes. He provides a bit of perspective into who he is in an amiable manner. A couple of lines to take note of are: “Locally I’m growing but I’m globally unnoticed. So the goal’s to keep it rolling while I go where the unknown is. I wonder if my fears will cause a riff or set a gap in. I wonder if you feel the need to bridge it when I’m rapping. I wonder if you hear somebody spitting with a passion. Man, I wonder what the years will do to me, Fred Savage.” Enticing bars being dropped right there. Overall, this song is worthy of a few spins.


**My Two Cents: I like BKnitts and his style. He has a very appealing quality about him. I enjoyed the single as well. The sample was skillfully utilized and BKnitts added a personalized touch to it. For more with the budding rapper, check out the above footage of him recording “Words” live. Readers can catch up with BKnitts on Twitter and Facebook too. -MinM

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