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Music Quickies: BKnitts – SoloS (Album)

by Miracle

artworks-000131366537-brb0gw-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee talent BKnitts embarked on an interesting new venture last month. He released a project entitled SoloS in conjunction with producer Paper Wolf. The collective serves as not only a fresh set of tunes but as a brand of sorts as well. The brand is reflected within the new website that was created to coincide with the short album. Readers can view said website here.

The meaning behind the effort is summarized by BKnitts as: “searching for oneness among those who feel they are alone.” He breaks down that thought provoking sentiment in a very captivating fashion in the ‘About’ section of the aforementioned site. The rapper’s goal with SoloS was to create a musical work that is completely original, distinctive, and made from scratch. He relayed his desire to Paper Wolf and believes he provided him with the instrumental foundation to bring his aspirations to life perfectly. Some songs that The Illixer would recommend from the ambitious undertaking are: “Vibin,” “World Goes Round,” and “Write To You.” But as it is a smaller project, it wouldn’t hurt to check out SoloS in it’s entirety either. Readers definitely need to dig into the site as well. It makes for a greater understanding & appreciation of the music. The whole package results in a neat little offering overall. -MinM

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