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BKnitts – H.Y.P.E. (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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H.Y.P.E. (listen/download)

Approximately a year ago, readers got the chance to meet Milwaukee artist BKnitts via his song “Words.” He is a rapper who makes positive alternative Hip-Hop music with a message. Last month he dropped a full length project. It’s titled H.Y.P.E. (Hail Youth Praise Elan). It contains a total of 16 tracks and includes guest appearances from the likes of Klassik, Tommy Prospect, Amerikas Addiction, and more. He promises that it’s a listen that will not disappoint. Find out which songs the site felt best lived up to that sentiment after the break.

“Black Bird” F/ Klassik

This song was produced by Bobby Woody. It entails an amazing twist on a song of the same title done by legendary Pop/Rock group, The Beatles. The unconventional bass, graceful upbeat instrumentation, and breezy vibe make for a magnetic combination. The hook is also a sample of the aforementioned Beatles’ record. It fits in nicely with the new scheme. The verses are adequate. Klassik lays down his part first and BKnitts slides through next. Each artist came with their own token flow, commendable wordplay, and decent rhymes. They do a fine job of discussing an array of themes including pursuing and beginning to realize one’s dreams. Standout lines from BKnitts include: “I used to sleep and dream about performing with a stage and mic. Now I’m up late at night, skipping sleep but chasing my dreams. (…) I think about some goals to achieve over space and time. I mean if you think about it, it’s pretty basic right? I’m at peace with my demons until I’m ceasing my breathing. I mean it’s easy to see just what you need if you need it.” Interesting abstract bars being spit right there. Overall, this is an eccentric offering.

“Ridin’ Round” F/ Tommy Prospect & Amerikas Addiction

This track was produced by Felly. The production turned out to be of an exceptional quality. It is made up of: a hearty foundation, suave musical components, a rich tempo, and a zoned out type of vibe. The hook is fire as well. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are fresh. The verses are on point. BKnitts steps up first, Tommy Prospect takes on the mid-section, and Addiction holds down the ending. The trio all serve up laid back flows, neat wordplay, and slick rhymes. They compliment the drifting tone of the beat effortlessly. A few lines worth mentioning from BKnitts are: “The weather is warmer. Time to put the whip on cruise. Cranking up the speakers so you hear me rolling through. H.y.p.e. is on the move. I’m bringing you hella tunes. Baby this the year I bloom. Ain’t got nothing to lose. Hell yeah give it all I got. I’m turning that up when I’m on yo block. While the flow so smooth and the beat so hot, what the f–k can a critique try to jock?” Those are some savvy opening bars right there. All in all, this song is a hit and the site favorite off of the tape.


Made In Heights was behind the boards on this one. The production here is different yet likeable. It contains a quirky infrastructure, offbeat musical ingredients, a slower pace, and a mellow vibe. There is no hook on this cut, just some referencing to the single’s title utilized here and there. The uninterrupted verse is intriguing. BKnitts exhibits a soothing flow, endearing wordplay, and heartfelt rhymes. He conveys his feelings towards the special lady in his life in an admirable fashion. Some memorable lines include: “Mentally flustered, so many emotions that I deal with. Thoughts are jumping to the ceiling. But when we kiss … speechless. See I’m thankful for every relationship that didn’t work out. Every petty argument I’ve had. And every bridge that I’ve burned down. Every girl I’ve ever turned down. Every female that I’ve heard shout. Cause I’m hers now and I love the way that those words sound.” Those are some ornate expressive words right there that any girl would love to have spoken about her. In the end, this is a worthwhile effort.

**My Two Cents: H.Y.P.E. (Hail Youth Praise Elan) is a solid tape. BKnitts made a valid contribution for the most part. The guest appearances were right on the money. And the production was professional sounding and versatile. BKnitts just needs to polish his flow a little bit and get a tad more intricate with his bars. I can definitely hear improvements from last year though, so that’s a plus. As a whole, the tape ranks about a 3.5/5. Readers should give it an ear when they have a chance. -MinM

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Bobby Woody October 21, 2013 - 7:59 pm


Thanks for posting this to the blog. I know it’s not my tape, but everybody put a lot into it!


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