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BKnitts – “Revelations” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

a1595974049_10(Photo By Band Camp)

 “Revelations” (listen/download)

It’s been a while since rapper BKnitts graced the pages of The Illixer. Thus figured it would be a good time to share one of his releases from earlier in the year. It’s a song/video titled “Revelations.” It’s a remix of a song called “Mantis” by a group that goes by the name of Made In Heights. The group is composed of producer Sabzi and singer Kelsey Bulkin. The single is featured on Sabzi’s project, the Wøøds.

BKnitts kept the original production untouched. It consists of: a peaceful base, poised musical components, a relaxing tempo, and an atmospheric vibe. It’s a top-drawer beat. There is no traditional hook available on this record. But the music progresses just fine without one. The verses have an unique set up. BKnitts uses a portion of Kelsey’s verse to start off with and just kind of quietly sings along with her. He actually sounds really good and the two sets of vocals exist harmoniously together. A little past the minute mark, BKnitts shifts gears into his own original lyrics. His contribution is solid. He offers up a lax flow, acceptable wordplay, and ambiguous rhymes. He relays an intriguing stream of consciousness to the listener. A couple of lines worth noticing are: “At first you were a stranger, then a confidant. I can feel it moving backwards. You’re an actor and you play the role so nonchalant. I’m not as strong. It’s been some timing since I fought my thoughts. But I know its right to do this now if you and I should progress on. I jot this song in hopes to dive into my consciousness. And walked on down a road exposed to silence while I’m wandering. Pondering through thoughts about the person that I’ve grown to be. Vocally noting every revelation through my poetry.” Those are some deep bars right there. Following the verse, the track plays out the break and ending from the original version of the cut. All in all, it’s a different yet quality rendition.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool track. I appreciate the way BKnitts submerged himself into it. His melody work in the beginning was pleasant and his verse was up to par. I dig the single a lot. If readers do too, they should be sure to also check out the video above. It’s an extremely colorful & artistic piece that truly flatters the tune. Want more BKnitts? I just got word that he and site regular Cinco teamed up for a collaboration. It will be featured on the site in the very near future so be sure to keep an eye out. -MinM

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