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BlaccOut Garrison – “Seasons” (Video)

by Miracle

Cover(Photo By HotNewHipHop.Com)

Dreams & Thoughts (listen/download)

Minnesota emcee/actor BlaccOut Garrison just dropped the last visuals for his record “Seasons,” from his 2012 mixtape Dreams & Thoughts. This comes on the heels of him announcing the fact that he is currently working on his next project entitled, Young Dreamer. Lets dive right into the video and song itself.

The track is simple yet a hustler’s banger with a nice lo-med range kick and drums. The snare is pretty basic but layers well with the background synth. The secondary sound, a dope guitar like sample, helps to bring out BlaccOut’s inner hustler. The chorus fits the sound and topic matter perfectly, with swift yet roaring bars like: “Im out here grinding for a reason. And people changing like the seasons. But I’m just out here on my grind. I’m gone, so I ain’t wasting no time. I tell ’em I’m good.” This is the perfect hustler’s ambition track and especially fit for today’s generation (no disrespect to 50 Cent).

The video is directed by Ben Hughes and keeps the gritty feel of the song. Basically, the main shots take place atop of what appears to be a parking garage overlooking BlaccOut’s hometown. The angles vary but there isn’t much more than BlaccOut and a friend in the background. I love how they laced in top-down footage from the city around them to illustrate where he comes from and what he is aiming for. I think it was strategically crafted and very tastefully done.

**Final Thoughts: Overall, this is my first time (personally) listening to BlaccOut Garrison and the homie can spit. Aside from that, being from Minnesota while trying to step outside the shadows of the well known Rhymesayers Ent. is a feat within itself, so kudos to him for hustling to do that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, music videos are short pitches that are made to make you want to comeback and listen to more music from the artist. So going forward, when I review a music video I am going to tell you if the visuals sold me; honestly on this one not so much. However his abilities on the mic did and as I type this I am simultaneously trying to download the Dreams & Thoughts mixtape. -Real McCoy

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