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Son Em’ All – “Ambition”

by Miracle

IMG_23805201311914(Photo By BLB Photography)

“Ambition” (preview)

414 veteran talent Son Em’ All (BlackWorld Music Group / LT Management Group) is finally ready to jump back in the saddle and start releasing some new tunes. First up will be a completely original EP titled All-In named after one of his many signature catchphrases. It’s due out this Spring and he was kind enough to grant The Illixer the opportunity to debut not one but two tracks. Kicking off the leaks is a song coined “Ambition.”

It was produced by the one and only Krazi Beatz (KeepnItMil). As usual, Krazi knocked the production out of the park. The subdued foundation, fetching background details, rhythmical mid-tempo groove, and solemn vibe match up exquisitely. There is no hook carried out on this track. But the elongated verse is extremely well paced so a hook isn’t really necessary. The verse is of a high-caliber quality. Son Em’ All brandishes a tempered flow, incredible wordplay, and transcendent rhymes. He serves as a model example of an emcee who is every bit of ambitious in the pursuit of his craft. A few unforgettable lines include: “Peers all hate me. Scared of how my mind works. Scared to really face me. Know I let that iron twerk. Streets don’t wanna let go. Ties even deeper. Had a dream he wouldn’t take me. So I fought the grim reaper. Cheaper by the dozen. 16’s a maim you. I ain’t got beef. If I did, I’d name you. (…) How you fake sleep if everybody woke? And how you still hating if the scene say I’m dope? You a joke. Cornball dudes can’t help it that they flavorless. Saying the wrong s–t for them could end up the fatalest. I understand we can’t all be as gifted. The way I move words got you loving my linguistics.” One has to respect the fortitude and ingenuity that Son tapped into in those bars right there. Overall, this single is a certified smash. Son Em’ All is back and with a vengeance.

**My Two Cents: I was beyond excited when Son Em’ All finally hit me up with the news that he was dropping two new projects and that he was going to allow the site to help him leak some records. It was definitely worth the wait. He has grown quite a bit lyrically. I was seriously impressed with this song. And of course Krazi Beatz has the midas touch behind the boards. So it’s no shocker that the production was a hit. And this is just the beginning. There will be another leak from All-In very soon as well as info about the second project. So stay tuned! -MinM

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