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Chuuwee F/ Maryann – “Crack The Windows” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

“Crack The Windows” (listen/download)

Chuuwee is an affiliate of our friends over at The N-Crowd Entertainment. He was born in San Antonio, Texas but is now residing in the great state of California. He’s been in the game since 2005. He gathers inspiration from his mother as well as veteran emcees who have come before him like Jay Z, UGK, etc. He was met with some doubts in the earlier parts of his career but has since gone on to create a strong name for himself in the West Coast music scene, sharing stages with names such as Rakim, Mistah Fab, and others. So it’s a good thing he didn’t let the negativity hold him back. His style is described as a mix of: underground, back pack, and mainstream Hip-Hop. He is known for being passionate about every facet of his career from writing to doing live shows. Recently, he teamed up with Cali diva Maryann for what is now their second collaboration. It’s dubbed, “Crack The Windows” and will be included on his upcoming project Happy Saturday which will be produced by N8 The Gr8.

The production on the single is state-of-the-art. The modish infrastructure, sparkling background components, magnetic tempo, and insouciant vibe fuse together desirably. The hook is first-class too. The delivery and vocals compliment each other properly. The lyrics are capital. The verses are promising. Chuuwee exhibits a well-mannered flow, capable wordplay, and valid rhymes. He creates a proficient cruising style anthem with just a hint of hood flavor to it. Observe as he spits: “I just put a stack in the bank. Rap n—a problems. I still hustle hard every day. F–k what you talking. I ain’t for all that drama and pain. That heartache and sorrow. Find yoself outside of my life. Go drown in a bottle. I sip a lot of that Vodka til I yak. Throw up all in yo lap. N—as throwing bad energy. So I threw them vibes right back. I’m on the phone with a nice deal. All I want is them racks. No concern for no arguments. For no bulls–t. Call back.” Those are some champion bars right there. Overall, this is a sublime offering.

To coincide with the release, the gang put together a set of visuals for the record. It was directed by Chuuwee, Maryann, and N8. Maryann is also responsible for editing the video. It’s a clear-cut flick. The concept basically just focuses on Chuuwee laid-back and doing his thing. For the most part, he posts up in a medium sized ordinary room and zones out. He does a little smoking, lays around a bit, etc. Additionally, there are some fresh outdoor scenes that take place at night in what appears to be a quiet wooded area. One of which features Maryann all bundled up and perched on the top of a gate. She and Chuuwee have some charming interactive moments as well. The special effects of the flick really enhance it. There is split screen action, layering, lighting manipulation, and so forth. Chuuwee’s mannerisms add some flair too. He has a very magnetic way about him. The video concludes with Chuuwee linking up with some friends and goofing around. As a whole, this was a quality mellow watch.

**My Two Cents: I am so glad that Chuuwee didn’t listen to the people that told him music wasn’t his thing. This was my first time hearing him spit and I think he is super talented. He’s got a very appealing chill style about him and his bars are official. I enjoyed this song & video quite a bit. He and Maryann make a fly pair. N8 has quite the team on his hands. I am happy that I get the chance to share their work with readers. -MinM

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