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Song Leak: Cezar – “Morning”

by Miracle

(Photo By Cezar)

“Morning” (preview)

The homie Cezar hasn’t graced his fans with new music in a while. So when he presented the site with the opportunity to leak a track, it was a must. And it’s a really sick track too. The production here is comprised of a sample and mixing handled by VZ The Kid. He turned out his best work yet by putting a fly twist on a song off of the G.O.O.D Music compilation album Cruel Summer, titled “The Morning.” The suave bass and snazzy rhythm are super contagious. The hook is also sampled from the earlier mentioned single. The vocals are very distinct and the lyrics are interesting.

The verses are fire. Cez dominates the track with a swagged out flow, brilliant wordplay, and five star rhymes. He exudes a streetwise persona that would draw in any listener. Some lines that are sure to catch the ear include: “N—a I’m all in. Smoking a strong stem. Keeping it quiet among my circle of Shaolins. I’m up in the early morning cause I gotta eat first. Cause I want a new chain. And I want a new vert. My people they need work. We live in a drought. All these n—as is vultures. Take the food out ya mouth. In the land of the sinners, n—a I was raised by the lake. From the bottom of hell only a winner remains.” Ridiculous lyrical ability being reflected in those bars. Overall, this song is a banger and a must listen.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite song by Cezar period. He snapped and VZ went in on the mixing tip too. Cez is getting stronger and stronger as an emcee with every new song. I am loving the growth. Hope the rest of these artists are on top of their game. Cause Cez is moving in fast on that number one spot. On another note, make sure to head on over to Facebook and give Cezar’s page a like. -MinM

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