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If you would’ve told me ten years ago that Kanye West would willing deteriorate his career for the acceptance of a Whiter audience, I would’ve laughed and continued playing College Dropout. But the proof is in the pudding. Kanye recently dropped “Only One” and “FourFiveSeconds” (alongside Rihanna and Paul McCartney), and both songs are just like the place where Oscar The Grouch lives. Trash. Now if you believe that either of these songs are ‘good,’ I’m going to need you to remove your head from Mr. Kardashian’s taint. Both songs are meant to change his image in the public’s eye. After that very disappointing Yeezus album (musically and sales wise), Kanye needed a way to get back in public’s good graces. Maybe he should just actually make ‘G.O.O.D.’ music and stop trying to sell Kim Kardashian to us.

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R&B singer Teyana Taylor (G.O.O.D Music) is finally ready to start releasing some official tunes of her own instead of just doing guest appearances on her fellow artists’ joints. Earlier this Summer she dropped the first single off of her upcoming album, VII. The song is called “Maybe” and it features rappers Yo Gotti and Teyana’s labelmate Pusha T.

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Interview with The Breakfast Club (11-26-13)

Interview With Sway In The Morning (11-26-13)

Dear Kanye Omari West,

I’ve been trying to be nice. I’ve been trying to ignore your rants like Sallie Mae phone calls. However, your push on being accepted is as annoying as your baby mother. Now don’t get me wrong, you have great points. But that’s it. You know what annoys me about you, Lupe, and others like you? You guys love to tell us the problem but no solution. We all know what the problem is. We diagnosed it a long time ago. Now the question is, what’s the solution?