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Illuminati Roundtable: Kanye Makes A Home In The Recycling Bin

by Pooh Bailey

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If you would’ve told me ten years ago that Kanye West would willing deteriorate his career for the acceptance of a Whiter audience, I would’ve laughed and continued playing College Dropout. But the proof is in the pudding. Kanye recently dropped “Only One” and “FourFiveSeconds” (alongside Rihanna and Paul McCartney), and both songs are just like the place where Oscar The Grouch lives. Trash. Now if you believe that either of these songs are ‘good,’ I’m going to need you to remove your head from Mr. Kardashian’s taint. Both songs are meant to change his image in the public’s eye. After that very disappointing Yeezus album (musically and sales wise), Kanye needed a way to get back in public’s good graces. Maybe he should just actually make ‘G.O.O.D.’ music and stop trying to sell Kim Kardashian to us.

“When he gets on, he leaves you’re a—for White girl.” Look, honestly I don’t care who he dates, marries, or fornicates with. My issue is I want to hear less about her and more about the music. Ever since he got married, Kanye has been trying to sell (and badly at that) Kim to us. During the taping of the BET Honors, where Kanye was being honored, Mr. West decided to remind us of Kim’s body count. Of all the things he could’ve said, telling the audience that his wife used to ‘date broke black dudes’ shouldn’t have been on that list. How about how she influences you when it comes to making music? *Listens to “Drunk In Love” Remix.* Never mind. How about the way she influences your music videos? *Watches “Bound 2” video.* Oh, umm. Just do us a solid and stop trying to force Kim on us. We get enough of that from Ryan Seacrest.

“No one man should have all that Power.” Now before you pound away on the keys, listen. Kanye’s personal life has always been on a teeter totter. But the music has always been superb. The past couple of years though, the music has done a major nose dive. It wasn’t like a bad song here and there. It was a whole album full of incomprehensible noise with narcissistic overtones. Now here comes two new songs that sounds like Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean throwaways. Kanye is not dumb. He knows that the money is in touring and after that last tour of him ranting instead of rapping, he got some a** to kiss. So here we are with these ‘safe’ songs that the general public don’t really want. We want unapologetic Yeezy. Screw your awards Yeezy. Not the please love Kim Yeezy. Not the India Arie Yeezy. So to that I say, I doubt this upcoming album is up to par. I’ll eat a whole crow’s pie if it is. But it won’t be. So I’ll be over here, listening to old Kanye while you guys pretend that whatever he drops is the greatest thing on earth. Sad day when the Louis Vuitton Don makes songs for the on-the-go Soccer Mom. -Pooh Bailey

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