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Shle Berry – “Temporary High” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Shle Berry)

Shle Berry is a female emcee who is putting on for Milwaukee. She is 21yrs old and getting her education at Alverno College. Her musical style spans from the genres of Hip-Hop to Pop but she is constantly looking to explore new sounds and boost her creativity. Shle views her music as relatable stories that not only entertain but allow her fans to get to know her as a person. And she is very open to crafting said tales with other artists.


Recently, Shle debuted her first music video. It’s for a track titled “Temporary High” which features an instrumental from an individual named Mickey Montz. The production is comprised of a casual tone with a subtle piano and steady bass. The song’s content is of grade A quality and is delivered with a quick unique flow. As a whole, this single is a fresh little offering. The video was done by Miranda Morn. The visuals are shot in a mixture of both black & white and color. The camera follows Shle as she treks around the city. She spends some time with friends, gets a little silly, and places her offbeat personality on full display. The flick concludes with a few final shots of scenery, end credits, and a bit of promotion. All in all, this was an admirable project.

**My Two Cents: I like Shle Berry because she is working in her own lane. She has an unorthodox way about her style and music that makes her standout. And she is pretty impressive with her word game too. One can never go wrong with quality and originality. I strongly suggest giving this video a glance. If interested, readers can find Shle on the web via the following sites: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. -MinM

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