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Taylor Mallory – “Footage”

by Miracle

(Photo By LevelNextMusic.Com)

“Footage” (listen/download)

The Level Next Music crew has started to release singes from their upcoming mixtape, My Level Is Next Volume 2. The second single in rotation comes from the one and only Taylor Mallory. The selection is called “Footage.” Clips of the song were heard a few times during the web series. Since the record dropped, it has been causing quite the stir. And for good reason.

The production here is top of the line. The low key foundation, measured pace, and sensual vibe create a nice groove. The hook is of premium quality. The vocals are perfectly tailored for the beat and the lyrics are alluring. The verses are of four star quality. Taylor brings seductive debonair vocals and descriptive lyrics. The lyrics set the scene for a guy who is missing his lady and wants photos, video, or just any type of personal visual display to make him feel just a little bit closer to her. With the constantly on the go nature of life, a lot of people can probably empathize with this situation.

Observe as Taylor reflects: “Love it when you wear my shirt to bed. Hugging on yo body like I’m there. Thinking bout the sexy love we share. Yeah you like it. Yeah you like it. Yeah. Record that. Save that. Send it to my iPhone and make me wish I could be there when ya: laid back, body wet, hair wet. Girl you know you …” Very passionate form of expression going on right there. Overall, this song is a smash and definitely helps create buzz for the pending mixtape. Check out Taylor’s video blog about the cut below.


My Two Cents: This track turned out perfectly. The clips on the series didn’t do it justice. But Taylor Mallory seems to only turn out hits anyways, so I’m not too surprised. Be sure to keep up with Taylor and the rest of the Level Next Music crew here. -MinM

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