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Sisterhood Of Hip Hop: Season 1, Episode 6: “Image” (Recap)

by Miracle

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“Image” (watch here)

Sisterhood Of Hip Hop kicked off this week with the conclusion to Diamond‘s fancy mansion shindig. She and Soulja Boy continue their flirtatious reunion until the heat from the glare of Diamond’s manager and family becomes too much for her to handle. The two part ways but the damage has already been done. No one believes that Diamond is quite ready to shake her old habits after all. Siya returns back to her usual routine which means once again trying to make amends with Renaye. This time around, Renaye got her own hotel room to cool off in after the fight. The two discuss the ordeal in Miami, Renaye’s abandonment issues, and make-up for the millionth time. Here’s to hoping it lasts awhile.

Nyemiah Supreme has a free show in her hometown of Queens. She rocks the show and then her manager Alex has a press circuit lined up for her afterwards. But there is one little catch … Nyemiah hates doing interviews. She bails on the blogs which leaves Alex feeling some kind of way. So Nyemiah agrees to do a one on one with a sole blogger the next day. Diamond stayed behind a little while longer in Miami. She spent her extra time in the studio with, you guessed it, Soulja Boy. The two do flirt a little but they actually get some work in too. Love, beats, and freestyles, not a bad combination.

After smoothing things over with her boo, Siya goes for a visit with Travie McCoy. The two linked up on Twitter and quickly formed a brother/sister bond. She vents about her love life and career troubles to which Travie advises that she just keep pushing forward. It’s a chill drama free moment. Something Siya doesn’t seem to get too often. Nyemiah begrudgingly shows up for her one on one interview. It’s with entertainment journalist Kathy. The interview starts off promisingly and then takes a nasty turn as Kathy tries to get Nyemiah to open up a bit about her personal life. Nyemiah ends up completely shutting down and Alex is not happy about it, uh oh.

Siya takes a moment to catch up with her mentor Tank. The two have dinner and discuss ways that they can move her career forward a few steps. Siya thinks she needs big ticket interviews like a sit down at The Breakfast Club. Tank thinks Siya needs a makeover and to solidify her brand first. As she’s had to defend her image on numerous occasions before, Siya isn’t feeling Tank’s suggestion. But she agrees to meet with a stylist anyway. Diamond is back on the East Coast and meets up with fellow femcee Eve to dish on Miami and all of the media backlash reuniting with Soulja Boy caused. Eve warns her to be careful not to backpedal and Diamond still maintains that she’s got everything under control. She decides to prove it by speaking out in a radio interview.

Stylist Mia Maddox invades Siya’s home with an overflow of wardrobe selections and accessories. Siya tries on a few things with Renaye cheering her on from the sidelines and is happy with the outcome. However, when Mia pushes her into trying on a dress, things go left. Siya has a hard time getting into the little black number and then refuses to take off her boxers. When Mia tells her there are heels and such to be tried on too, the makeover mission gets shutdown. Siya is pissed and she lets Tank have it the next day over the phone. He apologizes for the bad turnout and secures a surprise studio meeting for Siya to make it up to her. Diamond goes on The Breakfast Club to do some much needed damage control. She talks about Soulja Boy but reassures everyone that they are just friends. And she even spills some juicy tea on her tumultuous relationship with ATL rapper Lil Scrappy. Now that everything is out in the open, maybe she can truly move on. Time will tell.

Siya’s surprise meeting turns out to be with the one and only Irv Gotti. The two discuss her style and image problems in which Gotti encourages Siya to keep standing her ground. He’s all for her being the first openly lesbian female rapper. He also gives her some advice about the importance of being original with her content. After which Siya plays him a track she has called “100.” Irv is very pleased with the track and gives Siya a few more words of wisdom complete with a dope 2 Pac reference. It was a great little meeting overall. Nice work Tank. Nyemiah’s meeting towards the end of the show was not so great on the other hand. She and her cousin meet with Alex to discuss her interview bomb. In a nutshell, Alex tells Nyemiah that if she doesn’t change her attitude towards the press, her fans, and fellow artists, she won’t make it far and Alex will have no other option but to quit. Nyemiah’s stand offish behavior is making it difficult for her team to do their job successfully. Lets hope Nyemiah can get it together.

Next week brings Brianna Perry‘s video shoot for her single “I’m That Chick.” It should be a fun time but the Miami diva starts feeling the impact of letting go of her momager and becomes overwhelmed. Can she pull it off on her own? Bia has her own dilemma as she has two labels bidding for her signature. Of course this is a good thing but the wrong move could destroy her career. Talk about pressure. Rick Ross makes a guest appearance to dish out a little advice. And Nyemiah finally starts to unravel her personal problems which seems to include confronting her mother, yikes. It will definitely be interesting to see how the ladies handle all of their different ordeals. -MinM

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