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‘Album or a sandwich.’ Back in the early days, record labels would gather a group of people and play them a record. When the record was done they would then ask them if they were down to their last dollar, would they buy that record or a sandwich. If I was down to my last dollar, I would purchase Zen-Zin & Pawcut’s collaborative album The Butterfly Effect.

Zen-Zin is a rapper from the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. While growing up he discovered Hip-Hop and through Rap lyrics as well as American films, he taught himself English. He met German producer Pawcut (Radio Juicy) over the internet and they decided to do an album together. Even though Zen-Zin and Pawcut worked jointly on this project, they have never actually met each other in person.

The Butterfly Effect is what I would listen to if I lived in New York in 1994, on the subway, on my way to work. This album is laid-back and it isn’t forcing itself upon you. The Butterfly Effect is an album you can vibe to anywhere. Songs like “Smoke Break,” “Twilight Green,” and “It’s Allright,” are great stoner songs. Pawcut does an excellent job of staying consistent on the boards with these tracks. “Introspect” is also another great song where Pawcut shines, but it’s Zen-Zin who really does a brilliant job of getting his message across. Zen-Zin is a great reminder that the new guys are willing to step it up lyrically. As a whole, this album is worth your last dollar. If you just want to skim through it, check out my favorite tracks: “Time Will Tell,” “Introspect,” “Fade To Black,” “Another 1,” and “Outro.” After listening to those tracks, then ask yourself: would you purchase this album or a sandwich with your last dollar?’ -Pooh Bailey